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Welcome to our online showroom! Here are some photos of our crosscut saws and handles.  Click on the photo to view more information and a video of the crosscut saw at work.


All our saws are ready to work - they are sharp, are available with  handles and a scabbard.


Montana Crosscuts is your one stop for all your crosscut saw needs. We buy and sell saws, handles, scabbards, sharpen and repair them!

Who uses crosscut saws today? 

Crosscuts are still being usesd in the Wilderness areas to cut and maintain trails. Chainsaws are illegal in wilderness areas. Forest Service , trail crews and Horsemen are the #1 users of crosscuts today. 

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2 man Cross cut saw
M Tooth Crosscut saw
simonds crosscut saw
Simonds 520 Long tooth crosscut saw
Antique crosscut saws
Atkins 51 Crosscut Saw
Crosscut handles
Western Style Handles for the 2 man saw / crosscut

Definition of a Crosscut Saw by wikipedia:

A crosscut saw is a saw that is specially designed for making crosscuts. A crosscut is a cut made horizontally through the trunk of a standing tree, but the term also applies to cutting free lumber.

Crosscut saws have teeth that are designed to cut wood at a right angle to the direction of the wood grain. The cutting edge of each tooth is angled back and has a beveled edge. This design allows each tooth to act like a knife edge and slice through the wood (in contrast to a rip saw, which tears along the grain, acting like a miniature chisel). Some crosscut saws use alternating patterns of the cutting teeth along with others, called "rakers", designed to scrape out the cut strips of wood. Cross saws have much smaller teeth than rip saws. ......... read more


The Crosscut saw is also called the 2 man saw because it takes a person on both ends of the saw.

Crosscut saw
M Tooth crosscut saw
2 man crosscut saw
Simonds 520 Crosscut Saw
2 man crosscut saw
LaChef Crosscut Saw

We are committed to preserving the Crosscut saw heritage .



When using a crosscut saw, it is important not to cut into dirt and dull the blade.  Try to cut around Knots.

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Crosscut Saw / 2 man saw

Crosscut Saws | 2 Man Saws | Simonds crosscut | Royal Chinook cross cuts| M Tooth | Atkins Crosscut