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Sharp saws ready to cut now !

All of our saws are available with handles and scabbards and are freshly sharpened.

Looking for a 2 man crosscut saw ?  Be sure to check back with us every week as our inventory changes weekly.


Let us know what you're looking for.  We may have it in our inventory.

 2 Man saws | Simonds crosscut saw
| Royal Chinook saws



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We provide quality, usable saws to our customers in a timely manner.

We have spent 20 Years in the outfitting industry, working the Frank Church and in the Selway Wilderness.


 We have found it nearly impossible to find usable crosscut saws in a timely manner so we started Montana Crosscuts .


We sell complete saw packages, or we can also sell individual parts.  


Every one of our saws can be seen online before you purchase them.  Each saw has a video of them in action.  We have mostly 2 man crosscut saws, and occassionally have 1 man saws as well.


All of our saws are shipped within 2 business days of purchase. 


2 Man saws | Simonds | Royal Chinook | Atkins | M Tooth


If you have any questions about our crosscut saws, please feel free to call us, or email us.


 When working a 2 man crosscut saw , you must pull, not push! 

2 Man saws | Simonds saws | Royal Chinook saws

Contact us for all your Crosscut Saw needs.

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